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Find out what authors say about working with The Right Book Compay.

“For the first-time author such as myself, everyone at The Right Book Company was good at holding my hand throughout and their advice and expertise made the book much better than it would otherwise have been.

Paul Hargreaves

Author of 'Forces for Good'

“I owe Sue Richardson and The Right Book Company a big thank you for launching my career as an author and for helping me build and develop my business.”

Kate Atkin

Author of 'The Confident Manager'

“Working withThe Right Book Company has ensured that our knowledge and offerings have been captured and published to the highest industry standards. Advice and support before, during and after writing and publication has been truly world class.”

Tony Burgess and Julie French

Authors of 'Beliefs and How to Change Them' and 'Pink Bucket Thinking'

“The Right Book Company and SRA Books were encouraging, understanding and firm when we needed to stay focused on the timelines… [they] are a very smart way to go”

Ambrose and Jo Blowfield

Authors of 'The Authority Guide to Writing and Implementing a Marketing Plan'

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“Sue and her brilliant team always deliver. The process of writing and publishing a book is a complex and time-consuming journey, but The Right Book Company  made this an enjoyable, smooth, straightforward and very rewarding process. Sue and her team are warm, expert and easy to work with.”

Andrew Jenkins

Author of 'You are More than you Think' and 'The Authority Guide to Developing High Performance Teams'

“A constant pioneer in the publishing world, it’s been a great experience working with the Right Book Company – everyone has been super efficient, driven, friendly and world class in their approach.”

Rob Brown

Author of 'The Authority Guide to Networking for Business Growth'

“The team at The Right Book Company has been a joy to work with and has made the whole process very easy. I’m used to working alone so it’s been fantastic to have so much support and be able to call on experts for advice and help.”

Steve Bustin

Author of 'The Authority Guide to Presenting and Public Speaking'

“Working with Sue Richardson was instrumental to my book being successfully published and marketed

Jack Delmonte

Author of 'Out of Office - Images by a Travelling Salesman'

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