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Everything you need to get from an initial idea to a finished manuscript.

Craft your ideas into a structure and turn your structure into a manuscript.

Break through your fears, worries and concerns about writing a book. We won’t let you write a bad book and we’re on hand, every step of the way, to make sure the words you write are transformed into the book you dream of.

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The Right Book Strategy Session:

Know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

This unique 3-hour, personalised session will encourage you to take a deeper look at your book idea and what it is you want to achieve. We’ll discuss all your hopes for your book and work out a strategy for meeting your objectives, goals and aspirations. You’ll learn more about how publishing works and come away with a clear understanding of what’s required, what it takes to write a book and just how you can make it happen.

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Shaping and structuring your book:

Building your book from the bottom up

This expert planning session will build the foundations and provide the framework for your book. Your book needs a clear structure if it’s to make sense to your readers and deliver the outcomes you’re hoping for. We can help you get the structure, table of contents, format, flow and schedule spot-on so you’ll know exactly what you’re writing and how it will help your readers.

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Writing your book the right way:

Making sure your words make the right impact.

No matter how confident you feel in your writing abilities, the chances are you’ll need some support along the way. Our writing coaching and support service can help you break through writer’s block and feed your imagination. Feeling drained and low on energy? Don’t despair; we can provide all the specialist support, guidance, encouragement and feedback you need to stay on track and feel motivated.

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