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How to Be Brilliant had the biggest impact on the way I worked. I got loads of work, my credibility shot up and my fees doubled.  If you haven’t written a book yet. Do it! And get The Right Book Company people to help you. 

Michael Heppell

Bestselling author of 'Flip It' and 'How To Be Brilliant'

“My books have had a profound effect on my business. They’ve opened doors I wasn’t even pushing at and provided me with opportunities to speak around the world.” 

Paul McGee

Author of 'S.U.M.O.' and 'How To Have a Great Life'

“I owe Sue Richardson and The Right Book Company a big thank you for launching my career as an author and for helping me build and develop my business.”

Kate Atkin

Author of 'The Confident Manager'

“Working withThe Right Book Company has ensured that our knowledge and offerings have been captured and published to the highest industry standards. Advice and support before, during and after writing and publication has been truly world class.”

Tony Burgess and Julie French

Authors of 'Beliefs and How to Change Them' and 'Pink Bucket Thinking'

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“The book is the jewel in our crown – the most valuable marketing content of all. It’s flown out into the world and pulled great people towards us – it’s attracted some amazing new clients and we’ve delivered workshops in London to Lanzarote to Chicago.”

Sonja Jefferson

Co-author of 'Valuable Content Marketing'

“Writing a business book has helped me establish credibility and authority in my sector. It has also helped me understand what I really offer by focusing my mind and improved my communication  

Graham Jones

Author of 'Clickology'

Publishing a book has allowed me to move from a classic time-for-money business model into something scaleable. It’s moved my business to a completely different place. 

Bryony Thomas

Author of 'Watertight Marketing'

“Sue and her brilliant team always deliver. The process of writing and publishing a book is a complex and time-consuming journey, but The Right Book Company  made this an enjoyable, smooth, straightforward and very rewarding process. Sue and her team are warm, expert and easy to work with.”

Andrew Jenkins

Author of 'You are More than you Think' and 'The Authority Guide to Developing High Performance Teams'

A book has more credibility, a longer and greater impact than a blog or article and greater reach than a speech. One of the main benefits for me has been getting my intellectual property into print and marking key content as originating from me. 

Andy Lopata

Author of 'Recommended'

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