You probably don’t need me to tell you that publishing your own book is a guaranteed way to help you raise your personal profile and boost your business in ways you might find hard to imagine. All you need is to be in the right place, at the right time, and for the right reasons for your reputation to sky-rocket and demand for your expertise to reach exciting new levels.

But how do you get those that matter to know about you and your book?

Whilst there are many marketing weapons in an author’s armoury, used wisely PR can be an extremely effective way of getting your message heard and your book promoted to influencers, editors and decision makers. Journalists LOVE authors and they can hold the key to the kind of exposure that can change your life and the trajectory of your business forever – and here’s why.

You’re an expert and an authority, right? You must be, you have written a book after all! This quickly reassures journalists that you must know your stuff. And it makes you what journalists like to call “a trusted source”. They only want expert insights, input and opinion from people they trust and your book says, in big bold letters, that you really do know what you’re talking about.

Plus, writing a book demonstrates you have a real passion for your subject. It’s a passion big enough to have kept you writing, carefully crafting your words and message to make them interesting and relevant. Given the choice between just an everyday expert and an expert with a proven passion and commitment, which do you think a journalist will choose? Your book shows you have both in spades.

Your book has already been thoroughly tested and vetted. This is one of the big advantages of writing and publishing your book through a professional publisher. It demonstrates to journalists that someone else, other than you, believes in your book, its content and its message because it has already gone through a rigorous commissioning and editing process. Publishing with a reputable independent publisher rather than self-publishing will give your book more credence and authority – after all, any decent publisher worth their salt will only publish a book that’s right for you, right for your reputation, right for your business and right for your readers.

Your book is shiny, fresh and new. Journalists are constantly on the lookout for new things. That’s why it’s important to start your PR campaign as soon as your book is published. Journalists aren’t interested in what’s already happened, it’s what’s about to happen that makes them sit up and take notice.

You both want to reach the same people. PR is the science and excitement of collaboration in action. You’ve just written a book about something a journalist wants to talk about. So, they’ve got the audience and you’ve got the message. Why wouldn’t you work together?

Your book is packed with ready-made, top-notch content. In an instant you’ve already demonstrated your passion and commitment. You’ve shown you’re an expert and an authority and that you really know what you’re talking about. And they know you’ve got what their audience wants.

But even more than all that, you’ve also got reams of expertly curated, professionally edited, meticulously crafted and highly-relevant content that’s all neatly tied up and presented in a book (not to mention all the content you thought about and wrote that didn’t make the book).

Seriously, you’re almost making it too easy for them!

Yes, used wisely, PR can be an extremely effective way of getting your message heard. However, it only works if you and your book are being pitched to the right people.

Simply getting your book in front of hundreds of editors and journalists is relatively quick and easy to achieve. But getting your book in front of the right people – the ones with the power to make things happen and who can reach the audience you need – well, that takes time and expertise.

It’s never too early to think about how you will market your book. Even before you start writing you need to consider how you’ll find and inspire readers, attract attention and use your book and its message to meet your business goals.

Remember, journalists are looking for something new; something revelatory; something smart and clever. They’re after a story. So, what will your story be?

Paul East is an experienced book marketer and works with The Right Book Company to help authors find readers.