So you’ve finally decided you’re going to write that book. Does the thought scare the pants off you? Are you struggling with self doubt? Or are you full of excitement and can’t wait to get started?

Whatever mood you find yourself in, you probably have a ton of questions about the process and likely some concerns about how much time it will take. It’s really not surprising given how busy you are.

Believe me, you are not alone.

It would be lovely to think that you could go to sleep tonight and wake in the morning with a published book in your hand and a hundred 5-star reviews on Amazon. While this sublime vision really will turn out to be just a dream, one thing you need to know is that it doesn’t have to take forever, nor become a fearsome, endless chore that haunts your every waking moment.

Here are my 5 top tips for getting your book written when time is in short supply.

  1. Plan: Spend a small amount of time creating a writing plan that fits with you and your lifestyle, remembering that there is no right way and getting it done is all that matters. Will you write for an hour a day or would it be better for you to hole up for a week or two and do nothing else?


  1. Calendar: Whether you choose to write on a daily basis or in chunks, put the time/dates in your calendar now before you start. Imagine that the time you put in your calendar is with your best client – a client you would never let down unless there was a serious emergency. That way you are more likely to stick to your appointment with your book.


  1. Length: Think about how long your book really needs to be. A new author recently said to me that she believed a business book of any substance needed to be 60,000 words long. This is really unnecessary these days when people have less time for reading. Keep it short and sweet, concise and to-the-point. Our Authority Guides are less than 20,000 words and still deliver great value.


  1. Structure: Before you start create a structure for your book. Mindmapping is a great way to do this, or create an outline in Word. Again, whatever works for you. This will be your route map through to a finished manuscript and will keep you straight.


  1. Routine: Work out your schedule according to your desired word count. How many words can you write in an hour and how many can you edit? I have discovered that for me, the best way to write is in 3-4 hour chunks, often during a morning when I’m at my freshest. I will write without stopping for a couple of hours, keeping the flow going and keeping the editor out of the picture. Then I take a short break, get a cup of coffee or a glass of water and then let the edit of the work begin. Others I know would prefer to edit the next day or even the next week. You need to work out what is best for you.


Yes, it is hard work writing a book. But just because it’s hard does not mean it’s impossible. There are countless ways many of us have to get in our own way when it comes to pursuing what we really want. If a book is something you’ve decided you have in you then it’s time to get it out and The Right Book Company can help you!

Be considerate to yourself, treat yourself well and give yourself the sort of support you need to get the job done. If something gets in the way think of a way around it rather than letting it stop you in your tracks.

Why not open up your calendar now and make some appointments with your new best friend – your book!