Your head is brimming over with ideas for your book and you’re really excited about getting it out there. And yet, there is a nagging doubt in your mind.

Will people want it? Will they read it? Am I doing something helpful and useful here or is it all just vanity? Will I have the time?

Every writer has these doubts and that’s why all of The Right Book Company’s publishing packages include one-to-one support to help you. Believe me, almost every author I’ve ever worked with has found themselves at some point doubting that what they have is good enough, or new enough or worthy enough for publication.

You are not alone.

So if you find yourself questioning the usefulness of your book allow me to prescribe some first aid for your self-doubt. 

  1. Think about how you help.

Write down what it is that you do that changes people’s worlds? How do you help people? Draw up a list of people you’ve worked with and how you’ve helped them. This will help you understand and appreciate how what you know can make a difference and help others achieve.

  1. Talk to the people you want to help.

Pick up the phone and speak to one or more of these people. Tell them you’re writing a book and you would like to interview them. Ask them what it is that you did that made a difference to them and listen carefully. Record the conversation if you can. I use Skype with Call Recorder. You may end up with a case study, a testimonial or even a foreword. And perhaps more importantly, you will find yourself energised and motivated to continue with your mission.

  1. Remember that your words really can make a difference.

To write the right book you need to be clear about whose world it is that you are changing. Once you are properly re-engaged with this it becomes much easier to stay on track, inspired and motivated.

  1. Visualise the book launch.

Imagine yourself standing up in front of a gathering of friends, family, clients and colleagues holding a copy of your book at your launch. Imagine the applause and the pride shining in their eyes, as you start to speak and you thank them for joining you at this very special event. See them raise a glass of something fizzy to toast you. You’ve come a long way and you deserve to be applauded for your tenacity and your courage.

Yes, courage and determination is what it takes. You have laid yourself on the line and you’ve told your story. Why have you put yourself through all this? You’ve done it for them. For those folks at that book launch a few months from now who are at this moment waiting in eager anticipation for this book of yours to change their worlds.