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If you’ve ever thought about writing a business book to help you grow your business and professional profile, NOW is the right time to take the first step.

We’ve got plenty of easy, no-risk and no-obligation ways to help you get the answers you need to start your own author journey.

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Are you looking for a powerful way to boost your business, profile, network and influence ?

When it comes to marketing your business and personal brand there’s little that’s more effective, influential and impactful than publishing a book.

The specialist business publishers at The Right Book Company can lead you step-by-step through every area of planning, writing, producing and marketing your book so you can experience all the exciting benefits that being a published expert author can bring.

Six reasons to write a book for your business.

Stand out and be remarkable.

Being remarkable in business is no longer an option – it’s vital! A book brings credibility and kudos that will make you and your business stand out from the crowd.

Become an expert in your field or industry.

Being an author will cement your expertise, authority and credibility in your industry. Your clients, colleagues and customers will see you differently,  and you’ll build an enduring trust and integrity.

Open doors and find new business.

A book is a powerful business card that makes it easier than ever to open doors, find new business, get more hot leads and meet top influencers and decision makers. 

Grow your platform, profile and network.

You’ll have a unique product that bears your name and can carry your message and brand around the world. You’ll connect effortlessly with strangers as your book is bought, read, talked about and recommended.

Boost your revenue and profits.

More business means more revenue and with a book at the heart of your business exciting new opportunities will move everything you do to an amazing new level.

Build exposure, publicity and a lasting reputation.

A book can bring you profile, publicity and will cement your reputation like nothing else. Editors and journalists love books and are always looking for ways to fill space with authoritative content from expert authors –  just like you!

“My books have had a profound effect on my business. They’ve opened doors I wasn’t even pushing and provided me with opportunities to speak around the world.” 

Paul McGee

Author of S.U.M.O. and How To Have a Great Life

Ready to take the first step? Book a FREE 30-minute consultation with Sue Richardson today!

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Ready to take the first step? Book a FREE 30-minute consultation with Sue Richardson today!